Rob Knight

Weeknotes 04

May 23, 2020

  • If you are prone to overestimate your ability to eat leafy greens, like I am, the NY Times has you covered with storage tips.
  • I know the internet has plenty of anger and noise, but this is a big moment for science. Frontline medical staff, researchers, and public health professionals are on the job, and sharing their work. Bloomberg contributor Noah Smith collects and shares interesting COVID-19 information on Twitter. I welcome the break from the usual conflict-driven news cycle.
  • Speaking of Twitter, here are more smart people to follow on Twitter for helpful thoughts on COVID-19 science (no surprise they are both mentioned in Noah Smith’s list):
  • This episode of 20,000 Hertz about the sound design for Star Wars is possibly my favorite episode of any podcast, ever. The sounds you know and love get deconstructed, and we get to learn their origin stories. My takeaway is that you can’t go wrong if you combine the sounds of an animal and a machine.
  • 20K Hertz also did a two-part series on Mel Blanc, the creator of every memorable cartoon character of the mid-twentieth century. We all need this kind of nostalgia right now.
  • In a Zoom happy hour earlier this week, we debated the must-see baseball movies of all time. Naturally we also searched for lists online. MLB, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes came through with good lists. I think the IMDB list lands closest to my feelings. The Rotten Tomatoes list has some intriguing films I’m looking forward to seeing.