Rob Knight

Weeknotes 03

May 15, 2020

My last weeknotes post was in February. I’m not sure why I haven’t posted any weeknotes since then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • We are already half way through May. Time is wondrous and a beast. At the moment, my perception of time is confusing. A year from now, I hope this will all make some sense.
  • On Friday mornings, I set aside time to read Austin Kleon’s newsletter. It always has a refreshing collection of thoughts and links I don’t come across in my normal web surfing. A recent issue called, “Not everything will be OK, but some things will.” That issue and the article of the same name continues to inhabit the front of my mind.
  • The Prophecies of Q about the conspiracy theory Qanon was the most interesting thing I read this week. The articles explains the psychological underpinnins, and they come to a fascinating conclusion: when people want to do something that betrays their core beliefs, they will go to great lengths to create a reality in which they have no choice but to do that thing.
  • Confession: I didn’t actually read the article above. I listened to it using an embedded audio player in the article. Give it a try. As a regular podcast listener and occasional audiobook listener, I think long form journalism is a natural fit for audio. And the time commitment is reasonable. I listen to one or two articles while I make dinner.
  • I love when smart people post advice in list form to celebrate their birthdays.
  • Two of the best articulations of Trump’s derangement and incompetence come in the form of this article by David Roth in The New Republic and Trump’s call to Fox & Friends last Friday. If you click one of those links, it has to be the second one. Listen to the man talk and tell me he isn’t broken.