Rob Knight

Weeknotes 02

February 09, 2020

Mortified's Doomed Valentine's Show at The New Parish in Oakland, California

  • We went to Oakland to see the Mortified Doomed Valentine's show on Saturday evening. One of the speakers was a guy who made music videos when he was in high school. He even described the difficulty of syncing audio when editing with two VCRs videos. I thought, "Yes! Preach, brother!" It might be time to dust off some videos from my own archive.
  • I've been playing with a looping pedal for the first time. I admire musicians who are good at it because it isn’t easy. It takes precise timing with your feet while playing. So far my loops start with a heavy, mangled strum and then settle down for the second measure. Which brings me to…
  • Timing. I’m also learning about music timing. My goal is to be able to identify the timing of any song I hear. That is so I can…
  • Program drum loops in Garageband. I’ve briefly played with tweaking MIDI piano tracks before, but never drum loops. I’d love to have a song or two that have backing music that doesn’t sound like you’re in an elevator or at the mall.
  • I found a lovely coffee table at Goodwill for $26. I've been slow to decorate my house because I tend to wait for objects to feel right. This one felt right. I love how it fits into my home. I’d still like to add a rug to the area. And...
  • I'm still in search of a dining table and chairs to round out my downstairs living area. Having a nice place to sit and share a meal is my biggest goal—which is probably why it’s taken me so long to find the right set to add to the room. I'm looking forward to having people over more frequently and cooking for friends and family.