Rob Knight

Act your age

August 24, 2012

A couple watches the ocean at Natural Bridges State Beach

Yesterday, I was thinking that I've lived 36 years on this planet. So, I know what it feels like to be every age from 0 to 36.

Then I thought about situations in life, good or bad. In any situation, I choose how to react to it. The older I get, the more choices I have. Meaning, at any given moment, I can choose to be 5 or 15 or 34 or any age in between.

Now, I'll be the first to say there are a lot of times when it is important and fun to be 7. I'm thinking about when the sprinklers come on (although it's tricky now because I have to find a safe, dry place for my iPhone. I'm considering carrying a ziploc bag with me where ever I go). I've hardly ever met a sprinkler I didn't want to run through.

Sometimes, the best way to act your age is to act another age.

Likewise, there are moments when I need to act every ounce of 36. Not just for my own sake, but for the sake of those who depend on me. It's not always easy to act the right age. And being tired or stressed can make it even harder. As a situation gets more difficult, the tougher it is to act my age. I suspect I'm not alone in experiencing that. But as long as I make an effort to be calm and poised, in any situation, I figure I'll get as close as possible to acting the right age.