Rob Knight

We try

November 09, 2010

16 sunsets from highway 101, north of King City, Ca


We try to learn.
We try to teach.
We try to keep smiles within our reach.

We try to be stronger.
Do things that scare us.
Stand up tall when life dares us.

We laugh as much as we can.
Sometimes, we cry.
We try to be angels in our mother’s eyes.

We try not to be hurt by what others might say.
We share our love to keep our fears at bay.

We look for the moment-of-truth
under the rocks we skipped over the previous day.

We look at the sky as we cover one eye
and we see dragons and lion manes and far off places like
forests where nature and magic play
side by side, intertwined
just like in our minds.

And then the sun sets
and we try to get some rest
and our heads keep spinning
playful, gentle spinning.

We dream sweet dreams.


We’ll try everything again tomorrow.

And if the sun should not rise
for all of us
the next day
we’ll know we lived our fullest,
shared our love with them,
every moment of this day.

It can’t be taken away.
This day.
And every day we try.

Written for my cousin Jody, who passed away at age 39 on Sunday, November 7, 2010 after a courageous bout with cancer.