Rob Knight

The secret of my success

May 02, 2010

Pooh underwear and striped socks

I don’t know about you, but I’m usually deep in thought, unaware of my surroundings as I change into my workout clothes for a trip to the gym. I’m either reflecting on the day that just ended or thinking about what lies ahead for the next day. I’m pondering this or that meeting or email, not really paying much attention to my choice of underwear that morning and how it coordinates with the rest of my attire. After all, it’s underwear, right? Nobody is going to see it unless you’re a plumber (I’m not) or a male stripper (NOPE!) or my dad (inside joke).

It turns out not paying attention to my wardrobe choices can lead to some interesting moments in the locker room. Last week, a group of guys walked in while I was midway through changing and ended up seeing me with only my underwear and socks on. I know what you’re thinking, “no big deal, just flex and they’ll walk away.” And that may work for you, but it’s kind of difficult to have a masculine impact when you are only wearing red & gray striped socks and Winnie the Pooh boxers (including the word “Pooh” repeated around the waistband). I hope those guys understood the rare moment I provided for them. I hope they will never forget the day they saw a grown man in the locker room wearing only striped socks and Pooh boxers. That would make the whole wardrobe combination…still not worth it.