Rob Knight

Where are you going?

February 14, 2010

Malibu, California sunset, February 13, 2010

Every now and then, something or someone will cause me to ask myself, "where are you going?" (I mean "going" in the metaphorical sense and not the literal sense. Though, knowing where you are going in life often means actually going somewhere too.)

Very rarely can I respond to that simple question with a simple answer. That makes me uncomfortable. I wonder about it. Where am I going? And the obvious next question is: "what are my goals?"

Does everyone have defined goals? Am I the only one who hasn't put definitive goals to paper yet? What does that mean?

So, the other night when something spurred me to ask myself, "where am I going," I decided it was time to get a serious answer down. A simple one derived from a few goals. I might use a few posts here to explore this question more, but I'm determined to get a firm grip on what it means to know where I'm going, why I want to go there, and the inevitable change that comes with knowing where you want to go.

So to start, I'm just going to ask everyone if they have goals. Do you? If you do, do you know where you going? Don't worry if you don't want to comment here, I'll probably ask you in-person.