Rob Knight

Intentionally left blank

November 01, 2009

When I did most of my writing in Mead composition notebooks, I'd occasionally leave a page in the middle of a notebook blank. The idea was to leave a space to reflect back on that period of time with the benefit of clarity and hindsight.

This post is one of those spots. I'm not going to finish this post. I'll have to come back someday and finish it. Maybe I'll never finish it. This post is a placeholder for a moment when many aspects of my life are weird, unfinished, or unknown. This post represents (in my head) a time capsule of collected memories spanning the last 2 months (as well as others from the past year). A combination of profound moments I will never forget and fleeting moments that take on a different meaning when reflected on and sewn together later.

Sometimes the thread of life is just as important as the fabric of life.

I'm not sad or worried that certain parts of my life don't make sense right now. Some of it will make more sense later and some of it will not. Either way, now I have a place to add clarity when I get it. See you then.