Rob Knight

New Cube

July 10, 2009

My new cubicle

Yesterday, my unit moved to our new office on Delaware Ave. My portion of the new office is rather spacious, and I'm happy about that. I also have plenty of natural light now, which rocks. Aside from random office noise, it's easy to focus and get things done, which is a luxury I'm very grateful for.

It's funny how being uprooted opens your eyes to your surroundings. Tonight, after my trip to the gym, I stopped by the old office just to see what it looked like without us in it. The carpet was dingy (always was), and it smelled like rats and dirt. The hallway was always cramped in that office and I could hear every single phone conversation on my hallway via the ducts of the asymmetric heating system. There was a quant charm and character in the old office that there will never be in our new office. I will miss those "old building" oddities about the Carriage House. It will always have a soft spot in my heart. But if you stay too long in one place, it's easy to stagnate. With the UC budget situation the way it is, I think we moved out of the old office at the right moment; a moment when fresh ideas need to be born to deal with unprecedented difficulties.