Rob Knight

Temporary Dial-Up

July 06, 2006

For the next day or so, I have to get onto the information superhighway using the internet's Ford Festiva...dial-up. We just got our phone in a new house (longer post on that when it doesn't involve the phone and a busy signal) but don't have internet yet. So, I'm dialing in. It's like driving that Festiva in the "soft shoulder" of the internet.


Hopefully not for too much longer. The world is not exactly your oyster when it comes to selecting ISPs, if you know what I mean? Lack of choice makes certain decisions in life quicker than others. I had 3 minus 2 choices and one is the slowest DSL. One company refused to offer DSL. AT&T said they could do it as long as I paid what others pay for their fastest DSL service, except they weren't offering the fastest service. It was the slowest. Nice. So I have one actual choice. Fortunately, it's good quality service. Hoping they come through for me.