Rob Knight

Never publish after midnight

February 04, 2006

Today I feel like a Gremlin. I wrote after midnight this morning (see below) and it was a rambling mash of frustration and broken intellect. Like Napoleon Dynamite explaining current events.

My basic point was to say things are going to be changing around here and I think you'll like the changes. But being as late as it was I decided to add some political invective just for good measure. I am frustrated with our collective political dialogue at the moment. But there were probably more constructive ways to say it. But in the spirit of not taking myself to seriously, I will not edit last night's passage.

In more concrete terms, here's what I'm thinking about for this site:

  1. I want to get more of the odd and amusing content I have amassed on here in an easy to find structure. All of the videos, sound clips and images I post here will also have their own area for easy viewing.
  2. I'm considering moving my political commentary to a a new site called Newsvine. It sort of combines a lot of the interesting web technologies (Digg,, Slashdot) and adds a Google News type aggregator to create a very nice information hub where you can customize your own page to present what you want to see. There are a number of other sites that do this, but Newsvine has an easy interface that appeals to me. As a member, you get your own page where you can "pin" stories that you think others might be interested in. And you can write your own stories for others to read. My feeling is Newsvine is probably a better place for political commentary and will allow me to possibly engage in a dialogue on politics with other news junkies. Or, it won't. I'll go down in a flame war with comments like, "You're basically an liberal idiot!" It's been done before.

Newsvine is still in public beta, meaning it is invitation only. It is a great method for the site to grow slowly and gain meaningful readership. Each member can invite friends to join, so if you are interested, I'd be happy to pass on an invite. Just send me an email at me at robknight dot net. I'm hoping that when Newsvine goes public it won't become the haven for jackasses like many other social news sites have become. If you read comments on some of the other social news sites, you'll see what I mean.

So that's the idea: shuffle things around for clarity and organization's sake, include some of the more strange stuff I do outside of this site, and see what happens.