Rob Knight

Give the wrist a rest

November 28, 2005

My wrist soreness has been generally better over the last few weeks. A new desk, more ergonomic mouse, and homemade monitor stand have helped alleviate my pain. It's funny how synergistic these things are. Raising the monitor might not seem related to wrist soreness, but in some way it has helped.

The biggest help arrived today. I'm happy to be using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet on my lap right now with my right wrist resting peacefully. Using a tablet feels kind of awkward at first. I keep feeling like I need to slide the pen over to the place I want the cursor to go. I can't quite get feel of just moving the pen where I want it to go by lifting and placing it. The mouse that comes with it is a tad small for my gorilla hands, which is precisely why I replaced my previous mouse, so I don't see myself using it too much. Besides, the pen just rocks.

The instructions that come with the tablet are adequate, but I'm finding that I'd like more thorough training on the fine points of the use of the tablet with Photoshop and Illustrator. If anyone out there in the "Internets" knows of good tutorial sites for this type of thing, I'd love to hear (read?) about them. In fact any tips would be great. How do you shuffle the tablet with the keyboard on your desk? Are there any programs other than the Adobe imaging apps that use the tablet well? How about video editing? Easier? Harder? I'd love to know.

For now, I'll just be resting the wrist and trying not to needlessly slide the pen.