Rob Knight

Channeling with Toast

May 08, 2005

Yesterday my best bud and I participated in CinemaSports: Santa Cruz. We made a 3.5 minute short film in 10 hours with 4 required elements. The elements were:

  • A secret is revealed
  • Someone steps on something by accident
  • The "Spirit World" is mentioned in conversation
  • There is a close up shot of a sign from the street

I think we came out pretty good, and we received very positive feedback from people who were there. Because of my bright orange hair, I easily stood out as the "one in the toaster film."

Our film featured Desmond Fike, a pseudo-psychic who channels the dead, and the dead careers of living celebrities through the char patterns on toast. Desmond takes you through the process and helps you learn the art of Toast Channeling.

I used a mock website in the film, We decided that maybe we should make that Desmond's actual home in cyberspace.

So, if you are here to visit, thank you very much for your affection for our film. We had a blast making it. There will be a director's cut available here in the near future. We had to cut some funny stuff out to fit the film into 3.5 minutes, so we'll give you the full length when we can. Thanks to CinemaSports for coming to the Santa Cruz Film Festival.