Rob Knight

John McCain launches his 2008 bid

March 23, 2005

John McCain has unofficially launched his 2008 Presidential campaign. Although he didn't say it, you can assume that was the only reason he joined Bushon yesterday's stops of the Social Security Destruction Tour.

McCain is obviously stewing for a White House bid in 2008, but must he sink to such levels to satisfy the GOP faithful? Makes you wonder if McCain's family is being held in Guantanamo Bay. It makes no sense for McCain to be stumping for Bush's dead ideas when a clear majority of Americans want none of it. Surely there are other ways to kiss political ass then having to join the push for dismantling Social Security?

Maybe McCain was feeling depressed and needed an ego boost from a hand-picked audience of the GOPs best friends. If you haven't heard, everyone involved in these "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Social Security has got to go" events are quite versed in what to say.

Maybe McCain's strategy is to hope we independent-minded folks forget about this when he starts his cool guy PR tour of Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show in mid-2007. Good luck. By mid-2007, those of us level-headed, compassionate progressives will be in search of a candidate who took Bush to task when he threatened Social Security, not someone who joined in the circus of distortion.