Rob Knight

FOX Watchers

February 08, 2005

Here is an example of what watchers of FOX news wrote to Alan Colmes after he agreed with Ted Kennedy that we need an exit strategy for Iraq:

"Well, Colmes, you stuck your cock-eyed, queer, communist, lying face in it again. By the way, you look like you're dying of AIDS."

"First you butt-hump that lying Communist sympathizer two-way klutz Kerry and now you're butt-humping an Iraqi insurgent sympathizer, the one, the only, the dirty fat pig drunken SOB Ted "Killer" Kennedy whose old man was a Nazi sympathizer. Must run in the family."

"Colmes, you have your head so far up Kennedy's butt, he has to open his mouth so you can see daylight."

Here we get a glimpse at the eloquence and compassion of the typical FOX watcher. Note the not-so-veiled homophobia in the first and third comments. The second comment is classic right-wing hypocrite speak.

Remember when Arnold was running for governor and we all learned that his dad was a nazi sympathizer? I wonder if FOX got emails about that? Probably not. Maybe if Alan Colmes starred in "Twins 2" or "Kindergarten Cop 2: 1st Grade" the 'Ted Kennedy's dad was a nazi sympathizer' emails would stop. Just goes to show you that if you are a democrat and your dad was a nazi sympathizer, you must be one as well. However, if you are a republican and your dad sympathized with the nazis, no big deal. No one should be held repsonsible for their parents' beliefs, republican or democrat.

Obviously that kind of fairness doesn't exist on FOX.