Rob Knight

To those who called

January 06, 2005

Thank you very much. This morning Sen. Boxer was the lone senator to sign – with several members of the House – an objection to the electoral votes from Ohio on the grounds of election fraud and disenfranchisement.

The electoral certification process was halted for a couple of hours as both branches of congress returned to their individual chambers to debate the objection followed by a vote to approve or reject the objection. The objection was rejected but not before Democrats from both the Senate and the House made some awfully good points for election reform.

*Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell–who had the dual role of overseeing the election AND co-chairing the Bush/Cheney ‘04 Ohio campaign–reassigned voting machines in certain Ohio counties from the democratic-leaning inner cities to the republican-leaning suburbs. This resulted in waits as long as 10 hours in the inner city precincts.

Imagine waiting 10 hours to vote…would you?

This is just one of numerous incidents which, when combined, call into question the integrity of the Ohio vote.

Nevertheless, Republicans in the House and Senate simply would not address the accusations and – sounding like they had dutifullly read their morning email from Karl Rove – continued to repeat that John Kerry had conceded and we should all just just get over it.

So remember that folks, when your Constitutional rights are violated, don’t fight it, just get over it.

Thanks again to those who called, we started a small war today, and I’d like to see us win this one.

You can see the moment of truth in the certification process on C-SPAN’s website under C-SPAN’s website under “Joint Session of Congress on 2004 Electoral Vote Count.”