Rob Knight

A chance to act

January 04, 2005

On Thursday morning in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the electoral vote is counted and certified.

Representative John Conyers (D-Mich.) has decided to file an objection to the election because of still(?) unanswered questions in the legitimacy of Ohio's vote. If you've kept up with Ohio since the election, you know there have been some dubious actions by Triad, a company that supplied the vote count machines to many counties.

This is not about changing the outcome of the election. This is about the right of every citizen of this country to vote and to have their vote accurately reflected in the final tally. Obviously, that has not happened in Ohio, and Triad has had the audacity to try prevent an accurate recount.

In order for an objection to be official, it must be signed by a member of both houses of Congress. The electoral vote cannot be certified if an official objection is made. You saw this process in Farhenheit 9/11 from the 2000 election. I remember how angry it made me knowing that not a single Democrat stepped up to formally protest obvious voter fraud in Florida.

Rep. Conyers needs a brave senator or senators to sign his objection on Thursday.

Please call Senator Barbara Boxer and encourage her to stand up to election fraud by signing Rep Conyers' objection to the electoral. We do not often get a chance to have such a direct impact on the movement of government. One signature from one senator forces congress to face our election problems NOW...please call. And pass this on.

Barbara Boxer (202) 224-3553